This website contains a selection of data sheets which I've made use of and hopefully they will be of use to others.

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Some information that hopefully will help with the maths to pass the Amateur Radio License (UK):

Maths for the Foundation License

Maths for the Intermediate License

Maths for the Advanced License

The above information is based on the syllabus published on the RSGB Website

Latest Project:

World War II Spy Set (Paraset Clandestine Radio / Whaddon Mk VII)

Replica Paraset (as recieved):

Top View:

View of inside:

Traced Circuit:

Using Avo two panel valve tester to test for shorted pins on 6SK7 valve:

Using Avo two panel valve tester to read off ma/V on 6SK7 valve:

Using Avo two panel valve tester to measure insulation on 6SK7 valve:

A couple of FT-171-B Crystals to be used in Paraset:

The FT-171-B Crystals have 1/8" pins, so the 4mm sockets need replacing with a more original looking 1/8" crystal sockets
As these don't appear to be available I've made one:

Insulated terminal board used to make crystal socket:

Insulated terminal board cut up to make crystal socket along with a backing plate for extra strength:

Finished xtal socket:

Installed xtal socket:

3.520MHz crystal dismantled ready to straighten the bent pins so it can be plugged into socket on paraset:

Some vintage capacitors to be used in Paraset (after testing to make sure they are OK):

Transformer to be used in making PSU for paraset:

Paraset Data Directories:

Paraset Data

If you want to add to this resource or have any queries you can contact me at the email address: trev.g7pvs at